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Before working more three-dimensionally, I originally began my art career working with drawing and painting, and have continued to enjoy oil painting and drawing with different media from time to time.

charcoal, collage on paper
33" x 36" x 2", framed
oil paint on canvas
36" x 50" x 1.5" framed
A River Runs Through It
oil paint on canvas
14" x 16" x 3" framed
Sailing Around the Greek Isles
oil paint on canvas
10" x 12" x 2" framed
Sunset in the Marshes
oil painting on canvas
9" x 12" x .5"
Lights on the Horizon
oil paint on canvas
charcoal, graphite, collage on paper
26" x 22" x 1" framed
Variations on the Ladder Theme
charcoal, conti, collage on paper