Donna Pickens

Artist Statement

A recurring theme in my artwork over the years has been the psychological and spiritual symbolism of light, whether I created large scale installations & sculptures with fluorescent & neon lights or explored light & dark contrasts in drawing & painting.

Since I have worked in many different two and three-dimensional media over the years, examples of my artwork are shown in the following categories: Encaustic Paintings; Public & Private Commissions & Sculptures; Light Installations; Ceramic Sculptures; Drawings, Paintings, & Prints.

I have taught art classes for children & adults in public & private settings for over 35 years, and have created arts programs & arts integrated lessons for teachers while employed at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts & the Alabama Arts Alliance. Encouraging others to explore their creativity is one of my long-time passions. For more information about specific artwork on this website, or about art classes I am offering in the Asheville area, please send an email to

City Lights, encaustic paint on board